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Competitive Advantages Against Competitors From Others

1. Competitive Advantages Against Competitors From Others

Based in Fuan the main supply base of worldwide massage products, we have absolute cost advantage against competitors from the others 

2. Fast Delivery  

With the entire supply chain for components , raw material, complementary product and auxiliary service in China, we have unparalleled speed to market and production lead time.

3. Flexible Production

Whether it’s a low mix high volume or a high mix low volume, our flexible production lines and adaptive manufacturing can fully satisfy customers’ strategies at different stages of the product life cycle.

Factory Tour

   we take immense pride in providing exceptional service when clients visit our factory. We understand that each client has unique concerns and requirements, and we are dedicated to tailoring our solutions to address them effectively.

Our Client Say About Us 

Massage Programes Introduction 

Experience Massage Mat

Product Quality Test Under ISO Syestem

   All of our massage products have been awarded the CE certificate, ensuring compliance with European safety standards. Additionally, the massage chair has the Rohs certificate, guaranteeing it is free from harmful materials. These certificates assure our customers of the quality, reliability, and safety of our massage products.

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Our Client Say About Us

Alice Huang 

Sales Manager

Annual Revenue: 10+ Million Dollar 


Vicky You

Sales Manager

Annual Revenue: 8+ Million Dollar 


Alisa Sheng

Regional General Manager

Annual Revenue: 15+ Million Dollar 

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