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Why Choose Meiyang

  Meiyang is a manufacturer of the best massage merchandise in the Fuan,Fujian China. You can locate a range of kinds of massage merchandise at Meiyang with distinct functions. You can be positive about the great and long-life of the product as Meiyang is acknowledged for presenting first-rate and dependable merchandise to its customers.

   Meiyang Prodcut Ranges Includes: Massage Chairs, Compact Massage Chairs , Foot & Leg Massage, Massage Cushion and Neck Massage and so on.

Product Categories

  Meiyang is growing up to be a leading manufacturer specializing in fitness equipment/tools in Fujian province. We have 15 R&D engineers and assistant engineers, 40 members in the QC department, 12 sales representatives, and over 200 workers. The massage products that we produce have obtained all the required certifications. Thanks to our powerful R&D capabilities, we are able to provide not only OEM but also ODM services to our customers. We can collaborate with our clients to develop new-designed products, increasing their profits and attracting market demand. So far, Meiyang has acquired more than 100 patents worldwide.

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