How To Reset Massage Chair

The Purpose of Massage Chair Resetting 

The importance of resetting a massage chair lies in maintaining optimal performance, addressing temporary issues, recalibrating internal components, and personalizing settings. By incorporating regular resetting as part of the chair’s maintenance routine, users can ensure a consistent, reliable, and customized massage experience, ultimately maximizing the chair’s benefits for relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being.

To learn more about how to reset massage chair, keep reading to find out.

Nowadays numerous people own massage chairs, but all of them may properly encounter the same issue like auto timer stop function, massage chair abrupt stop, and so on. It will cost lots of money when you ask for expert technical help. As massage chair manufactrurer, we are here going to tell you how to reset the massage chair yourself. And we will talk about how you can do it without spending extra money on expert help. So let’s dive into the details without further ado.

How to reset massage chair

Why Need To Reset Your Massage Chair.

A high-quality massage chair is not only a remarkable technological masterpiece but also durable and dependable equipment meticulously crafted to cater to your massage needs for numerous years. With minimal maintenance, you can expect it to consistently provide the soothing or rejuvenating sessions you desire.

Whether you power it on in the morning to invigorate your circulation or unwind your muscles after a hectic day, the massage chair will promptly activate and deliver your preferred experience, whether it involves deep kneading, rolling, or heat therapy.

Like all electronic devices, massage chairs may occasionally experience minor “glitches.” such as noise, massage feature not responding, massage chair suddenly stopping, and so on. However, these incidents are common in the world of electronics and should not be perceived as flaws in technology. The encouraging part is that you can address these issues on your own and swiftly restore the full functionality of your massage chair.

How To Reset Massage Chair To Factory Setting

The factory reset is one of the easiest ways to delete all the customization that you have done. If you have personalized your massage chair with your desired programs, massage style, time span, and other things, you must know how to bring back the factory setting.

Factory settings are the default settings that came inbuilt with the massage chair when you first bought it. If you feel any problem with your massage chair’s internal mechanism, the easier way to spike its performance is by resetting it to its factory setting

  1. After turning the massage chair off, grab the remote of the chair and press the power and kneading buttons together.
  2. First of all, you need to turn off the massage chair for further proceeding and make sure there is no extra load on the chair.
  3. Keep the buttons pressed for about 5-10 seconds.
  4. In most massage chairs, there will be an error sign on the extreme right of the remote control screen.
  5. Once you will do this, the massage chair will vibrate a little which indicates that the reset has been completed

Although, this is not so common with all massage chair brands. Some brands of massage chairs require a simple switch-off to reset the chair.

Please note: It is important to know that the chair should not be in use during this procedure. Most massage chairs come with a user manual which is useful for performing such operations. If you don’t find a factory reset button on your chair, please check the manual to know the process.

How To Reset Program of Massage Chair.

You can reset a massage chair program whenever you want to change or delete a particular programmed setting. In this case:

  1. Turn on the power outlet of the chair.
  2. Switch on the massage chair using the remote.
  3. Turn on the desired program of your chair by pressing the On/Off button.
  4. Now, press the On/Off button again to either change or delete the previous program.
  5. You can now reset the program based on your preferences.
Meiyang massage chair program

Problem of Massage Chair Need To Reset

  1. Increase massage chair body temperature

If you are experiencing a rise in your massage chair’s body temperature, it is due to incorrect setting. By resetting your automatic massage chair pad , your will be able to delete all the faulty setting and start fresh.

2. Timer stops function

The auto-timer will tell user how long they have been massaging. Because overuse massage chair can be hurt your muscle, which can trigger soreness, cramps, and spasms. Although the time does not affect the internal massage mechanism, it is an important issue for users using the chair. You might be able to reset your chair to restore the auto-timer.

3. Massage chair make noise during use to several reasons

Massage chairs consist of various mechanical components such as motors, gears, and rollers. Sometime you may hear the noises from them. Seek expert assistance if you think the reason is technical. If not, try resetting your massage chair. Generally, a factory reset can resolve such problems.

4. Massage feature not responding

You can reset your massage chair if you find that certain features of your massage chair aren’t working properly. There might be an error in your settings if the massage rollers don’t go as deep as they should. You should reset your device once the LCD monitor does not turn on or the airbags do not get compressed.

5. Massage chair abruptly stops

If your massage chair abruptly stops, it is recommended to check the power supply, ensure proper ventilation, and allow the chair to cool down if overheating is suspected. Additionally, inspect the chair for any visible mechanical or electrical issues. Resetting the massage chair may resolve certain  operational issues, it may not always address specific problems like abrupt stopping. If the issue persists after a reset, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer’s customer support or a qualified technician for further diagnosis and assistance the massage chair.

6. The armrest is not functioning properly

Mechanical issue, sensor or control issue, programming error all of them would function improperly, While resetting the massage chair can be attempted as a troubleshooting step, it may or may not resolve the specific problem with the armrest. To reset the chair, refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed instructions on how to perform a reset for your particular model.


Buying a massage chair helps you relax and reduce minor aches and pains. However, you should know how to reset it because a massage chair is a heavy investment. Plus, seeking professional help for every issue is not possible. 

A massage chair reset works 4 out of 5 times in solving common, everyday issues. Additionally, it also saves you money and time. The ways discussed in this article are general and can be applied to a standard massage chair. 

Therefore, you can always follow the user manual of that particular chair since the manual has instructions for resetting the chair. 

Resetting your massage chair is a important part of maintaining its longevity and keeping it working properly. While it may take some time to reset the chair, it is well worth the effort to keep your massage chair in good condition.

 If you think that your massage chair is showing any of the problems above, you may need to reset it. In that case, you can simply use the guide above to reset your massage chair.


Q: Can we sit in a massage chair for too long?

Ans: Not recommend, because Sit in an extraordinarily comfortable chair for too long and you will eventually get uncomfortable. Over time with repetitive use of anything, you can also develop sores and soreness. Variety matters more than repetition in many cases.

Q: How oftern should a massage chair be used?

Ans: 2-3 session per week, each session do not take over 1 hour

Q: Where is the fuse on a massage chair?

Ans: There is a fuse box On the back of chair, Open and remove the plastic fuse guard as shown unplug the fuse

Q: Can you use a massage chair twice a day?

Ans: The frequency of use will depend on a few factors, such as the intensity of the massage and any underlying health conditions you may have. However, experts recommend using a massage chair for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, two to three times per day.

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